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February 13, 2019
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February 13, 2019 sandlot

Winning Big for Our Work on the Support a Better SJSD Campaign

While a majority of our work at Sandlot Strategic focuses on building political campaigns for clients, we love the opportunity to develop campaigns focused on a specific cause. That opportunity presented itself when a ballot measure was introduced to raise personal property tax 38.9%. Sandlot Strategic partnered with local community leaders to launch the Support a Better SJSD campaign, urging voters to demand accountability in their school district. The initiative, Proposition 1, was the latest attempt by the St. Joseph School District to cover their poor planning with taxpayer money.

The campaign itself presented a number of unique challenges that needed to be addressed if we wanted the ballot measure to fail. We needed to articulate how voting against the proposition wasn’t unsupportive of communities, children, or teachers, but a demand for accountability. The most egregious example was the lack of a sunset clause on Proposition 1, which was a hot topic on social media and newspaper editorials. Our team took full advantage, designing and distributing the direct mail piece, “They forgot the Sunset.” The mailer won us two awards, one Pollie and one Reed award, both for best mail piece for a ballot initiative.

Our main method of communication was Facebook, posting memes and sharing articles to engage voters. On social media, we only have a few seconds to get our message across, making a simple, memorable message imperative. An animated crayon drawing captioned, “SJSD Administrators are Flying High” was the perfect mix of humor and legitimate concern for voters. We’re proud to say we won a Pollie award for Digital advertising with just papers and crayons.

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